Sounds of Orgasm

Turn On Your Sense of Sound

Two Models of Orgasm:
Over-the-Edge and Dome-Shaped Orgasm

Listen to a woman in orgasm, recorded from the Observation of Intense Coming Demonstration (OIC Course). Hear how the orgasm is created as it is happening.

This Deliberate Orgasm demonstration is done in front of a live audience.  The woman in orgasm is a sensuality instructor trained in cumming.  She is a real woman, not an actress, experiencing a real orgasm.  By agreement, the man and the woman put their attention on her body.  He controls the level of tumescence in her nervous system through manual stimulation of her clitoris. 

The instructors are demonstrating a “dome-shaped orgasm” that lasts for one hour. The DOer describes and demonstrates an extended orgasm with peaks. 


OIC March 7, 2010

Taken from 13 minutes into the demonstration, Part 1  (1:13)

Taken from 37 minutes into the demonstrationPart 2 (1:25)

Sounds of Orgasm from a Deliberate Orgasm Demonstration Part 1

I like to bring these peaks when she comes up... If it was on a piece of graph paper, if the amount of sensation was being graphed then I would bring her up like this and then just kind of feather it. Instead of having that up and then down, that going over the edge thing that everybody is so feverish about out there in Cosmopolitan magazine. I’m actually extending that orgasm by bringing that peak up. Then I just smooth it out and keep her cumming until I bring her down a little bit and then I bring her down a little bit more and start another peak.  

The goal of life is experience. You can describe experience by up and down - expanding and contracting, but everything is always changing.  Deliberate orgasm gives a woman the ride of her life… you can create the ride.  


Sounds of Orgasm from a Deliberate Orgasm Demonstration Part 2

Because it’s my opinion that the way that over-the-edge thing that everybody’s been trying so hard for, for so long, is you just build that sensation straight up and it actually traps that blood supply, so you don’t have fresh oxygen in there to those nerve endings. It gets so tight, and so tight and so tight, that no blood is going in there. Those muscles finally, just because of the lack of oxygen, they just release. Then it’s just like putting a rubber band around your finger. You cut the blood supply off and it goes numb. Then you take the rubber band off, that blood rushes back in there and you get that big tingling sensation.  I think that is what is happening in those over-the-edge orgasms that people are trying so desperately to have out there.  It is easy. 

That is easy, all you have to do is find the most sensitive spot on her body and just start DOing like this - just steady stroking. I mean she just cannot stop. I just won’t give her a chance to take another breath until she goes over. Do you understand? Until I’ve just worn her ass out and then…You know, I’m not going to do that right now... (laughter from audience). We have another half hour to go.  

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