How to Experience More Pleasure in Your Life

Here you will find solid information for deliberately setting up your life to experience more pleasure in everything that you do including female orgasm.  Offered through a variety of original articles, educational audio, photo and video presentations you will get winning viewpoints on human sexuality, relationships, communication and more.  As you browse through the information, pluck out what interests you and apply it right away. 

How much pleasure have you had today?

Make pleasure and fun a priority in your life.  If you are like most people, pleasure and enjoyment takes a backseat to many other things, but experiencing more pleasure can be easy.  A dictionary definition of pleasure is: the state or feeling of being pleased; enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one's liking; gratification; delight.

The feeling of pleasure is undeniable - the warm, open feeling of delight throughout your whole body. Imagine one pleasurable event and immediately that feeling is there. It is fun simply to think about pleasure whether it be in sex, love, friendship, nature, work, art or play.

What would it take to experience more pleasure in all areas of your life?

In answer to that question, the viewpoints put forward here are based on the way the teachers live and experience their life. This information will provide you with tools that have the potential to make your life more pleasurable, improve your relationships and enhance your sex life. Although the focus is female orgasm, the concepts and their application are universal, as sensuality touches every aspect of a person's life.


Welcomed Consensus
Researchers and educators in sensuality,
friendship, communication and female orgasm

female sex symbol

Audio: Orgasm Research - Why Study Female Orgasm?

Why does the Welcomed Consensus orgasm research focus on Female Orgasm? What is possible for both women and men to experience through the exploration of female orgasm? This audio interview addressed these questions.

sensuality retreat exercises

Video: Best Sex and Sensuality Exercises - Learn to have the best sex possible

Great orgasm is built from simple steps. In this video a Welcomed Consensus instructor talks with students about their sensuality exercises and how the most powerful learning occurs for building great orgasm.

couple communicating

Audio: Feel More Sensation and Intimate from Communication during Orgasm

Saying what you notice while using Deliberate Orgasm can lead to feeling more. In this audio clip two students answer questions on their communication during orgasm, DO dates, and what they communicate about.

couple holding hands

Audio: Have Better Sex by Learning Deliberate Orgasm - A Process that Keeps Getting Better

Have better sex throughout your life. In this audio clip hear the stages a couple will experience as they learn Deliberate Orgasm, what it means to have a good sex life, how DOing enhance other sex acts and if it gets easier over time.

personal lubricant

Article: What Personal Lubricant is Recommended for DOing?

Using a lubricant is a basic element of Deliberate Orgasm. Even if lots of natural fluids are present, using a personal lubricant is still important for the most pleasure. Three different lubricants are recommended, each with its own specific use.

clitoris internal female anatomy

Audio: The Clitoris and Orgasm - The Full Extent of the Clitoris

Knowing the full extent of the clitoris and using Deliberate Orgasm can open a woman to feel more and new sensations in her body, allowing her to easily orgasm.

pleasure taking touch.jpg

Video: Feel Pleasure through a Taking Gaze and a Taking Touch

People can feel pleasure through a gaze or touch. By considering hands as sex organs, a sensuality instructor walks students through what is meant by using a taking gaze and a taking touch in this video.

man in silhouette

Audio: Female Orgasm Questions - What about the Men?

Deliberate Orgasm has female orgasm as the focus. Showing how men benefit from the same techniques and feel successful with this approach of exploring female orgasm, in this audio interview sensuality instructors answer the questions people often ask regarding the men.

sexy blonde woman

Article: Women and Masturbation - Core Class or Elective?

"What sex education instructors neglected to mention was that this little organ, smaller than the size of a pea on average, houses the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body."  Read Daisy's perspective as a student of Deliberate Orgasm.

magenta sunflower

Audio: Female Orgasm Every Time - How to Make it the Norm rather than the Exception

Many women report they do not orgasm every time they have sex. How can a woman have orgasm every time or any time they would like to? Discover some of the basic principles of Deliberate Orgasm that can make this the norm for women and men.


Video: Great Sex for Life - How can you have great sex if you can't talk about it honestly?

It's 2010 and it is still not politically correct to talk about great sex or a fun sex life. However it is possible to get through those barriers and have great sex for life.

pink gladiola

Audio: Relationship Growth - Add Something New to Your Sex Life

Adding something new to your relationship, especially into your sex life can pose some challenges. Learn how women and men both face them when they decide to incorporate Deliberate Orgasm into their sex life and at the same time experience growth in their relationship.

Article: Female Ejaculation - While stroking my clit he saw ejaculate coming out

Elle tells her story of female ejaculation and orgasm by clitoral stimulation.
"He used the stroke on both sides of my clit and I felt like my whole body was drooling.  He told me he could see ejaculate coming out."

Article: Women's Retreats - What to Expect from a Sensuality Retreat

Women often wonder what attending retreats or courses in sensuality would be like. What is entailed in learning about having more pleasure? Is the class or retreat environment safe? Read what five students have to say about their first sensuality course.

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